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A Desire to be the Greatest…

The desire to be the greatest is used loosely in our world. We’re quick to call or label people who excel as being great and those who really succeed as being the greatest. Someone has rightly said, “The world wants your best, but God wants your all.”

KEY TEXT: Matthew 23:11 “But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.”

Greatness in God is just the opposite of the world’s concept and definition of greatness. The world considers a person who has great accomplishments, who has people serving and working for him and has vast wealth, power, or influence as being great. The bible’s definition of greatness has nothing to do with possessions, but has more to do with what one does. See Luke 22:24-27. In the Kingdom of God, a person who desires to be great or the greatest, must have a desire or willingness to serve God and others. See Matthew 18:1-4.

Pastor Percy Williams, his wife Dottie, and the Baton Rouge congregation welcome you!

May God Bless you!

We Care About…

• Quality individual relationships with God through Jesus Christ
• Genuine New Testament ministry for all believers, both clergy and laity
• Reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• Helping those who are in need of food, clothing, and shelter
• The proper and orderly operation of the Holy Spirit with all His gifts and graces
• Restoration of the Judaic heritage of the church
• Restoration of Biblical forms and systems of worship

Our focus is restoration…the restoration of God’s kingdom and restoration of His system of praise and worship in preparation for Jesus’ return.

We wish to thank you for visiting our website and our hope is that you will find something that blesses you spiritually and also causes you to investigate more thoroughly the workings and worship of The Church of God.

Won’t you join us in our quest to fulfill the New Testament ministry of sharing God’s truth, meeting man’s needs, and therby to be the Bible church?