Sermon Videos

04.04.2020 “God, Our Keeper” by Pastor Percy Williams

03.28.2020 “Our Hope” by Pastor Percy Williams

03.21.2020 “Life” by Pastor Percy Williams

03.14.2020 “Make No Excuses, Let God Use You” by Minister Larry Young”

03.07.2020 “The Book Of You” by Pastor Percy Williams

02.29.2020 “The Building Of Our Faith On A True Foundation” by Elder Amos Everson

02.15.2020 “Israel, God’s Chosen People. Who Are They” by Minister Larry Young

02.08.2020 “The Greatest In The Kingdom of Heaven” by Pastor Percy Williams

02.01.2020 “Stay And Continue In God” by Pastor Percy Williams

01.25.2020 “Grace, Perseverance Through Discipline by “Deaconess Dorothy Williams

01.18.2020 “Faith and Works by Minister Larry Young

01.04.2020 “Identifying, Riding, and Avoiding Evil Influences” by Pastor Percy Williams

12.28.2019 “Turning Death To Life” by Minister Debra Ross

12.21.2019 “Removing The Mask” by Pastor Percy Williams

12.14.2019 “Walking In The Love Of God” by Dr. Laguerre Jacques

11.07.2019  “Giving God The Glory” by Pastor Percy Williams

11.30.2019 “The Blood” by Elder Amos Everson

11.23.2019  “Obedience” by Minister Lula Norman

11.16.2019 “The Hope And Expectation Of The Righteous” by Pastor Percy Williams

1.09.2019 “Live Through It” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

11.02.2019 “Apostacy” by Elder Amos Everson

10.26.2019 ” Transformed” by Minister Aline Sampson

10.20.2019 “The Body Of Christ, God’s Extraordinary Body” by Pastor Percy Williams

10.20.2019 “Unit, Unity, Unified” by Minister Yzette Rainey

10.19.2019 “The Holy Days, God’s Master Plan Leads To The Feast Of Tabernacles”

10.19.2019 “No Longer A Me Thing, But A We Thing” by Minister Debra Ross

10.19.2019 “It Begins With Me” by Deaconess Pat Allen

10.19.2019 “The Unity of God” by Deaconess Dottie Williams

10.18.2019 “Unity” by Minister Dolores Crosby

10.18.2019 “We Are Family” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

10.12.2019 “You Get It How You Live” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

10.05.2019 “Love, The Greatest Thing In The World” by Pastor Percy Williams

09.28.2019 “The Revealing Of The Heart” by Pastor Percy Williams

09.21.2019 “Transformed” by Elder Amos Everson

09.14.2019 “Likes and Followers” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

09.07.2019 “Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So” by Pastor Percy Williams

08.31.2019 “Do You Have A Restraining Order On God” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

08.24.2019 “Handpicked and Positioned by God” by Deaconess Dorothy Williams


08.17.2019 “The Lord’s Sabbath Day” by Minister Larry Young

08.10.2019 “Follow Me” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.


08.03.2019 “Things” by Pastor Percy Williams

07.27.2019 “It Is Good For Us To Be Here” by Minister Deborah Ross

07.20.2019 “Excuses” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

07.06.2019 “So Much Depends On You” by Pastor Percy Williams

06.29.2019 “Trouble” by Elder Amos Everson

05.25.2019 “If” by Deacon Royal, Jr.

05.18.2019 “Commitment” by Pastor Percy Williams

05.11.2019 “The Traits Of A Godly Mother” by Pastor Percy Williams

05.04.2019 “God Knows Our Thoughts and Sees Our Ways” by Pastor Percy Williams

04.27.2019 “Giving God His Glory” by Minister Aline Sampson

04.20.2019 “Jesus’s Mission Was The Remission of Our Sins” by Pastor Percy Williams

04.13.2019 “Psalm 23” by Elder Amos Everson

04.06.2019 “Down Syndrome” by Bishop Percy Williams

03.30.2019 “Characteristics Of A Godly Man” by Pastor Larry Young

03.23.2019 “How Do We Go Through What We Are Going Through?” by Minister Debra Ross

03.16.2019 “Found Wanting” by Bishop Percy Williams

03.09.19 “Don’t Be Mediocre” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

03.02.2019 “Be Encouraged” by Bishop Percy Williams

2.23.2019 “God Is Bigger Than Life” by Deaconess Dottie Williams

2.16.2019 “Celebrate Black History” by Bishop Percy Williams

2.9.2019 “Stay Focused and Keep Going” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

2.2.2019 “Whose Report Will You Believe” by Bishop Percy Williams

1.26.2019 “Speak Lord” by Deaconess Dottie Williams

01.19.2019 “What Is Your Destiny” by Elder Amos Everson

01.12.2019 “Do I Know Him” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

01.05.2019 “Hearing the Voice of God” by Minister Debra Ross

12.29.2018 “Apostasy, The Great Falling Away” by Elder Amos Everson

12.22.2018 “Hearing, Recognizing, and Obeying the Voice of God” by Pastor Percy Williams

12.15.2018 “Surrender” by Pastor Percy Williams

12.08.2018 “How Do You Fight Your Battles” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

12.01.2018 “When God Hides His Face From Man” by Pastor Percy Williams

11.24.18 “On Purpose” by Deaconess Dorothy Williams

11.17.18 “Dieting” by Pastor Percy Williams

11.10.18 “satan, I Already Have It” by Deacon Royal Ross, Jr.

11.03.18 “Time” by Elder Amos Everson

10.13.18 “R.I.P. Redeemed, Impowered, Promised” by Elder Royal Ross, Jr.

10.06.18 “How Great Is Our God” by Pastor Percy Williams

9.22.18 – “The Holy Spirit’s Voice” by Minister Dolores Crosby

9.15.18 – “An Assured Victory” by Pastor Percy Williams

9.08.18 – “Wise and Foolish” by Elder Royal Ross, Jr.

9.01.18 – “What’s Your Worth, What’s Your Value” by Pastor Percy Williams

8.25.18 – “The Holy Spirit” by Deaconess Dottie Williams

8.18.18 – “The Rejected Stone” by  Pastor Percy Williams

8.11.18 – “What’s The End Result” by Elder Royal Ross, Jr., Youth Pastor

8.4.18 – “Be Careful How You Carry God” by Pastor Percy Williams

7.28.18 – “Stand in Awe of the Great I Am” by Guest Speaker Minister Theresa McGinity